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"They ask us why we march, we march for the slaughterhouse workers suffering from some of the highest rates of ptsd across the world. We march for the 795 million people that will go hungry while we feed 56 billion land animals. We march because humane, cage free, and grass fed do not negate the bolt guns to their heads, the knives across their throats, or the gas that fills their bodies. We march for the day old babies getting ground alive, the 42 day old babies being grown to disproportion sizes unable to hold their own bodies, the 16 week old, the 6 month old, the 18 month old, the 4 year old getting pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, then being trucked off to their merciless deaths. The ones who have gone mad confined in cages and sheds that never see the light of day, lying on the cold metal bars they've been inprisoned in. The ones we call breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We march because the very fact that having an equal respect for life must be so throughly explained says something terrifying about the conscious state of humanity.  

We march because we refuse to remain willfully ignorant -because compassion and love will always defeat gluttony and greed -

Ethics can never be refuted. We march because rescuing a diseased, latent animal from a factory farm is considered an act of terror but rescuing a dog from a hot car is considered an act of heroism. We march because once you look an animal in the eye who is about to die and you can not save them, it will change you. Hearing them scream, beg, and plead for mercy in the only way they know how will change you. We march because nothing in this world has ever changed by staying complacent. Never stay complacent when it comes to injustice. Justice knows no species. 

- Lindsay Hangos, San Diego Animal Rights March 2018



The Animal Rights Movement is growing rapidly, please get involved, start a local Save Movement, Earthlings Experience, or simply share the truth... local activism and social events will be updated regularly. If we are missing an important event, please contact us!

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